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August 14, 2015

Video: 60-second productivity hack: Live Folders

The abundance of media and information in this 21st-century digital era means, it can be difficult to keep life organized. Lumia can help you achieve more and get stuff done with this 60-second productivity hack.

Live Tiles are handy pins (think: bookmarks) stuck to your Start screen that with a touch open up an app, game, document, or webpage. This video shows how to make the most of your Live Tiles by creating Live Folders.

As you can see, creating Live Tiles is easy and is the best way to group everything in one place.

For example, storing your boarding pass, hotel website, the location of a local diner, and your favorite currency converter app into one Live Folder on your Start screen would be immensely useful if you’re going on a trip.

Try creating your own Live Folder* today, and let us know how you’re keeping your Live Tiles organized.

*Available with Windows Phone 8.1 and above.