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August 23, 2015

Our 5 best new Windows Phone apps of the week

Whether you’re busy jumping into the back-to-school groove or trying to catch up on post-holiday work, there’s always time to check out the best new Windows Phone apps.

Your life is hectic, so we try to make it a little easier for you. Each week we choose and share 5 of the best new apps, games, and updates for your Windows Phone — all you have to do is give them a look and vote for your favorite. Last week you loved the bigger and better than ever document organizer CamScanner, but which app will you vote for this week? Scroll down, give these great apps a try, and cast your vote!


What is it: a messaging app for business

Why we love it: Many of you have been patiently waiting for Slack to arrive. Good news! It’s finally here. The new Slack app, which has gone from private beta to public, lets you access all of your conversation channels, read and respond to messages, integrate with many of your favorite tools like Wunderlist and Twitter, and more. A live tile will display the last 5 messages, and most importantly, there’s custom emoji support. The free app isn’t perfect yet, so expect a few bugs.

Who it’s perfect for: those who’ve been eagerly awaiting Slack mobile

Slack beta for Windows Phone


What is it: a popular messaging app

Why we love it: Whatsapp is a fantastic free app for keeping in touch with friends and family. Thanks to a recent update, it’s better than ever with a handful of new features. So what’s new? Now you can mark chats as unread or read, get expressive with new emoji, forward or delete multiple messages, save contact cards quicker than ever, adjust your data usage, enable or disable sound and vibrate for in-app notifications, and choose a ringtone for WhatsApp Calls.

Who it’s perfect for: anyone who needs an easy-to-use messaging app

Whatsapp for Windows Phone


What is it: an app to turn your phone into a fax machine

Why we love it: Popcompanion is a new app from the popular online fax service Popfax that lets you use your phone as a fax machine. To get started, all you need is an account with Popfax, and you’ll quickly be on your way to sending and receiving faxes. The app is easy to use — simply scan the document you wish to fax using your camera. You can also send SMSs, add a cover page to fax content, and manage contacts and folders. The application itself is free, and a Popfax account costs only $4.99 with the option to try it for free for 7 days.

Who it’s perfect for: business people who’d rather not fiddle with the fax machine

Popcompanion for Windows Phone

March of Empires

What is it: a fun strategy game

Why we love it: Ready for battle? Gameloft’s latest release is a multi-player strategy game set in the Middle Ages, in which you’ll be waging war for territory. Choose your title from one of three factions, fortify your castle, fuel your armies, and let your influence spread around the world as you defeat other warlords and form alliances. The free to play game emphasizes strategy, so you’ll need to be sharp if you want to stay alive.

Who it’s perfect for: cunning gamers

March of Empires for Windows Phone

Lumia Selfie

What is it: a fantastic selfie app

Why we love it: Lumia Selfie is one of the best apps around for taking self-portraits that not only look great, but are easy to capture. However, we all know the struggle of trying to take a good selfie that isn’t too close or that fits more than one person in the frame. The natural solution to that dilemma is the useful but controversial selfie stick. Thanks to a recent update, Lumia Selfie lovers using Windows 10 can put those handy tools to use with support for Bluetooth selfie sticks.

Who it’s perfect for: Selfie snappers with Windows 10 Mobile

Lumia Selfie

What say you, are any of these a clear winner in your eyes? Vote for your favorite in the poll below! If we missed one of your own new favorite apps in our roundup, be sure to share the love and tell us all about it in the comments.

Image credit: TJH1976