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October 12, 2015

Ninjacat T-shirt Competition: Did you win?

Thanks to those who took part in our recent ninjacat contest–there were some great entries. We’ve picked the winners.

We asked you to be as creative as possible when you submitted your competition entry, and our favorite was from Arcadio Garcia:

“I’m spreading the ninjacat-riding-a-unicorn love not only on my Windows device, but all over the Internet with this little game I just made:… (hosted on Azure of course 😉 Warning: Do not play if you are allergic to ninja cats, bacon or awesomeness.”


Very awesome game indeed, Arcadio.

The thought on Stephen Lye’s mind is:

“how ninjacat would play Xbox on Windows 10? Now you know; teamwork.”

Stephen Lye

William Longmire is a football fan and a Windows fan. How best to combine those worlds? A custom football jersey!

“I have much #Windows10 love and show it with my custom Seahawks Windows 10 jersey! I would love to rock that fantastic shirt as well!”


Rock it you shall, William.

While Eelco Koster did a great job decorating his laptop with an Azure and ninjacat sticker, we feel a ninjacat t-shirt will complete the look.

“This is how I share my support for Microsoft (Azure)”

Eelco Koster

And finally, we’ll be sending our final ninjacat t-shirt to Hethler De Chavez for introducing a manga character to the T. Rex.


Thanks to all of those who took part.

If you have any more creations, don’t forget to share them with us on Twitter (@WindowsBlog) with the hashtags #Windows10 and #ninjacat.