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October 23, 2015

Our five best Surface and Windows phone apps of the week

We proudly announce our picks for the week’s five best new apps for Surface and Windows phone.

Have you been wondering which new apps should be installed on your Lumia phone or Surface? Wait no longer—try these five new apps and see which one is your favorite.


Nitro Nation Online

What is it: competitive online racing game for Windows phone

Why we love it: It’s all about the race—and the cars—in this free racing game with more than 20 of the hottest international auto brands, from Alfa Romeo and BMW to Chevrolet, Dodge, and Mercedes-Benz.

Hit the track in supercars, street racers, classic muscle and more—there’s always a new one coming. So join a team or create a team, slide through the window and get ready to roll.

Who it’s for: die-hard car lovers


Translator (update)

What is it: language translation tool for Windows 10 devices, including Surface

Why we love it: This free tool helps you level language barriers around the world. Use your camera, voice, or keyboard to translate on-the-go, even without an Internet connection.

The all-new Windows 10 version of Translator reinvents the user experience for even more versatile, convenient use. Enter text in up to 50 languages, then hear translations from a native speaker. Point your Surface camera at anything printed—signs, newspapers, menus, whatever—in up to 19 languages, and tap to see the translation.

Who it’s for: Frequent travelers


Twitter (update)

What is it: social messaging app for Windows phone and Windows 10 devices, including Surface

Why we love it: Now, using and interacting with Twitter (free) is even richer, easier, and more fun with this update for Windows 10. Conversation threading and inline video playback top off a very cool list of new features.

For example, you can have private conversations with a group of your favorite people and the Quote Tweet feature makes it easier to add your own comments to others’ tweets. You can also save unsent tweets to a Drafts folder, and it’s easier to add and switch between multiple Twitter accounts.

Who it’s for: people with something to say in 140 characters or less


Disney Dream Treats

What is it: Disney-themed puzzle game for Windows phone and Windows 10 devices, including Surface

Why we love it: Tour the world with Mickey, Minnie, Ariel, Belle, Buzz Lightyear, Woody, and more in a dream circuit of restaurants at Disney parks and resorts in “Disney Dream Treats” (free). Serve up mouthwatering treats with deliciously addictive line-draw play—just connect three or more sweets to make a match.

Magical character combo boosters and power-ups help you serve the treats faster and score huge bonuses. So start piling those pastries high and get those marshmallows dipped in chocolate, because you’ve got a world of hungry Disney fans waiting for their next snack break.

Who it’s for: very hungry match-three gamers


Monster Truck Destruction

What is it: destructive driving game for Windows phone 

Why we love it: You’re behind the wheel and your fans are screaming for more in the free “Monster Truck Destruction,” a smash-‘em-down, crash-‘em-up thriller of a game for drivers of almost any age.

Start in the garage, upgrading your engine, shocks, and more for higher leaps and bigger damage. Then, it’s off to the races, where realism rules and the laws of physics have you bouncing, drifting, tire-slipping, and destroying like you were really there.

With thrilling gameplay, a dynamic damage system, multiple races, and 30 different monster trucks—including Bigfoot—to demolish, this game is a heart-pounding way to let your competitors know who’s boss.

Who it’s for: fantasy monster truck drivers with road rage

We’re going to cool our engines until next week, fellow appsters. Come back next week to see which five apps deserve a spot on your Lumia and Surface.