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November 2, 2015

Meet the winner of #LumiaChallenge: Color Match

In our recent #LumiaChallenge: Color Match, we asked you to match up the color of your Lumia to an object or a background, photograph it, and share it with us. You did precisely that. Let’s check out the winning entry.

Each entry showed the creative passion of Lumia owners around the world and demonstrates perfectly the diverse range of colors available with our smartphones.

To make a well-informed decision about who should win this #LumiaChallenge, we employed the help of Juha Alakarhu, Director of Cameras for Phones at Microsoft. So, without further ado…


This image clearly shows beauty and colours in a variety of everyday situations and objects.

Juha Alakarhu

The wonderful colour of Autumn in Scotland #LumiaChallenge @lumiavoices

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I love this image because it presents a clear, eye-catching and straightforward idea.

Juha Alakarhu

Despite this being a “Colour Match” competition, it’s nice to see a Black & White image. I like how this photo is clean and pure.

Juha Alakarhu


I like this not only because it is funny, but it also shows more Lumia colours than you might expect. I can see blue, orange, white, black and green…

Juha Alakarhu

Huge congratulations to the #LumiaChallenge: Color Match winner, Deepak Khoenie. Please contact [email protected] to claim your prize: a unique experience as well as a Lumia accessory pack.

Thanks to everybody who took part in this #LumiaChallenge. We’re looking forward to seeing more creativity from you in the future.

For the latest challenges, be sure to follow us at @LumiaVoices.