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June 4, 2015

Meet the winner of the latest Lumia Challenge: Windows of inspiration

In our latest #LumiaChallenge, we asked you to share the windows that inspire you, and we received tons of fantastic entries. But who inspired us the most?

Windows of Inspiration

That’s right, the results for our #LumiaChallenge Windows of Inspiration are in. The theme for this challenge was all about the windows in your lives that inspire you, and as always, we were incredibly impressed by our community’s passion and skill. We received thousands of photos of gorgeous, gleaming windows that truly reflected how you see the world around you, giving us a glimpse of what inspires you and sparks your creativity, and shows us how you can #AchieveMore with your Lumias.

The challenge took place May 15th — May 29th, with entries being shared on Twitter and Instagram using #LumiaChallenge. We’d like to thank everyone who participated — each and every entry was a true work of art. However, three entries especially caught our eye and inspired us to see the beauty of windows, so read on to find out who we’ve chosen as our runners-up and winner, and take a look at their incredible photos.

The Runners-up

Marco Forgione

Marco is a Lumia user from Italy who uses a Lumia 625 and Lumia 830 (he used the 830 for the shot). We asked for inspiring windows, and Marco brought it with this beautiful shot overlooking traditional Sicilian houses and buildings. His romantic photo of tiny windows dotting the Sicilian hillside has a unique and creative take on the challenge and shows how you can #AchieveMore using Lumia. You can check out more of his photography on Instagram and Twitter.


Pete Wurdinger

Pete is a structural designer by day and talented Lumia photographer by night, using a Lumia 920 and 1020 to capture his shots. The Chicago native’s photo was snapped in Florida at the Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport, and we are absolutely loving everything about it. The contrast between the dark, mysterious structure backed by a gray sky and the shining blue windows is captivating and beautiful. What do you think, could it be interpreted as a visual representation of the ups and downs of travel? For more from Pete, take a look at his Instagram or Twitter.


The Winner

Hannele Sjöqvist

Hannele is a Lumia user and nban member from Sweden whom you may have met recently in her post about why she loves She blew us away with this striking entry which shows the reflection of windows in windows down a glass corridor. Her image screams creativity and is pure inspiration to think outside of the box. We think it clearly shows how she can #AchieveMore using her Lumia 1020— do you agree? You can see more from Hannele over at Twitter.



After seeing all of the windows that inspire you, we’re feeling pretty inspired ourselves. Isn’t it amazing how our surroundings can inspire us to #AchieveMore? Let us know in the comments below what you think. Congratulations to each of our runners-up, and to our winner Hannele, who is now the proud owner of some cool Connects swag, including a calendar, bag, notepad and more. Please contact Sophie at [email protected] to see about your prizes.

Image credit: Joel Willans