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December 18, 2015

Which Microsoft device is right for you?

Always on the go and need to be organized and productive—no matter where you are? Is getting healthier one of your main goals in 2016? Perhaps you’re all about gaming! No matter your focus, take our holiday Instagram quiz to find out the best Microsoft device for you.

If you’re like us, you like to take fun, online quizzes to learn more about yourself. So here’s one just in time for the holidays to figure out what Microsoft device best suits your life and work style.

You’ll be asked several questions. For instance, do your friends consider you a social butterfly, an adventurer, or a go-to DJ? Also, how do you spend your “tech” time?

Choose the corresponding photos that best fit you and you’ll be matched with the right Microsoft device for you.

Windows matchmaker Instagram page

If you’re a jetsetter or a road warrior, the Microsoft Lumia 950 gives you a powerful and fully mobile productivity experience with Windows 10 and the Office suite of apps. The smartphone features the latest generation hexa-core processor; a large capacity battery and wireless charging. You can also use it like a PC by connecting it to a bigger screen, keyboard and mouse with the optional Microsoft Display Dock accessory, helping you to get stuff done anywhere and anytime.

Need versatility when it comes to your tech? The new Surface Pro 4 is a tablet that can replace your laptop. Use the Type Cover keyboard to power through text documents and draw and take notes with the Surface Pen.

If you need the ultimate in performance, the sleek Surface Book is the ultimate laptop. Of course, you can run the full Office suite on its 13.5-inch screen with PixelSense™ display. But you can also do professional-grade photo and video editing on the Surface Book as well as write directly on webpages with Surface Pen in Microsoft Edge and share them easily with your colleagues.

If gaming is your middle name, the new Xbox One gives you an extraordinary lineup of Xbox One-exclusive titles, a huge variety of Xbox One bundles to choose from, the new Xbox Elite Wireless Controller and a number of new features. Play blockbuster games such as Halo 5: Guardians and Rise of the Tomb Raider and connect with your friends on Xbox Live no matter if they’re also on Xbox One or on a Windows 10 PC, tablet or phone. You can also easily switch back and forth between games, live TV, and tons of video streaming and entertainment apps, including Skype.

Is 2016 the year you’ll live healthier, exercise more, and maybe even cross off “run a marathon” from your bucket list? The new Microsoft Band can help you do all of that and more. The ergonomic smart band doesn’t just track your heart rate, calorie burn and give you insightful exercise data. The Band also monitors your sleep quality and notifies you of email, text and calendar alerts—right on your wrist.

Once you’ve done the quiz and selected the best Microsoft device for you, please share your device of choice on Twitter with @Windows. We’d love to see what you picked!