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Microsoft Band
January 19, 2016

Microsoft Band Person of Action: Eric Schmit

After a life-changing event, Eric Schmit realized his priorities needed to change, and he decided to start with his health. With the help of Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health, Eric was able to take matters into his own hands to start living healthier and achieving more every day.

When life takes an expected turn, we often find ourselves at crossroads. Eric Schmit found himself in that exact situation after losing his wife Cassandra to a two-year battle with Stage 4 melanoma. Eric neglected his health while caring for Cassandra, and found himself weighing over 300 pounds. With the responsibility of looking after his young son Elliot and the household, he struggled with the simplest of tasks due to his health.

Eric decided to make a change to start building a better life for himself and Elliot. Since committing to his health, Eric has lost over 110 lbs and is now studying to be become a registered dietician so he can help others live healthier lives.

Eric Schmit using his Microsoft Band at the gym.
Eric Schmit using his new Lumia and Microsoft Band.
Eric Schmit with his son Elliot.

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