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Microsoft Band
January 22, 2016

Weekend Reading: Microsoft devices news and stories you may have missed (Jan 22)

Eric Schmit changes his life with the help of Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health, lifestyle and fitness expert Jenna Wolfe visits Microsoft, and Microsoft acquires MinecraftEDU – here are our picks for Weekend Reading.

Microsoft Band Person of Action: Eric Schmit
After a life-changing event, Eric Schmit realized his priorities needed to change, and he decided to start with his health. With the help of Microsoft Band and Microsoft Health, Eric was able to take matters into his own hands to start living healthier and achieving more every day. Read our story here.

Eric Schmit using his new Lumia and Microsoft Band.

Get fit with lifestyle and fitness expert Jenna Wolfe
Jenna Wolfe, a lifestyle and fitness expert, has partnered with Microsoft to build and share custom Guided Workouts for Microsoft Band. Read all about her recent trip to Microsoft, and check out the guided workouts she created with Microsoft Health for Microsoft Band.

Fitness expert Jenna Wolfe.


See also how Skype can help you inspire your workout buddies over a group video call.

What makes the Microsoft Band 2 better than the Apple Watch? It’s the data
Matthew Miller from ZDNet, who has been using different activity trackers for a couple of years, talks about what makes the new Microsoft Band better than Apple Watch. Read more at ZDNet.

New Microsoft Band

Microsoft invests in new and expanded version of ‘Minecraft’ for the classroom
Earlier this week, we announced that Microsoft is acquiring MinecraftEdu, a game that brought gaming into the classroom and helped shape the future of education. Microsoft is also investing in a new version of Minecraft for the classroom and introducing new Learning Tools for One Note.

Read more about Microsoft’s interest and investment individualized learning experiences at the Official Microsoft Blog.