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February 16, 2016

Designed on Surface: Frankie Cihi partners with POW! WOW! Tokyo & Microsoft

We met Frankie Cihi through the POW! WOW! Team in Japan in the lead-up to the POW! WOW! Tokyo festival. We were lucky enough to then get to work with Frankie on a number of projects. Frankie used a Surface Pro 3 last fall to collaborate with five other artists to create a mural in the Shibuya district of Tokyo as part of our Designed on Surface project.

Frankie Cihi's mural in Tokyo.

Working with her on this project had us all convinced that we had to do more with Frankie. She is so incredibly kind and talented. Check out what the team accomplished in Shibuya:

For her mural for the Designed on Surface project, Frankie drew inspiration from the city and sights and sounds around her. During the POW! WOW! Tokyo festival, she then brought her own style together with the images she had captured using her Surface.

Frankie Cihi's mural in the making.

The colors and textures transport you to an underwater world – while at the same time the shapes and geometrics remind me of the city around us. I love that for her mural Frankie didn’t just rely on the tools and processes she would typically use like Adobe Photoshop, but ventured to try something new with Surface. She took photos using the device’s camera to capture the environment around Tennōzu Isle and then layered them in her piece.

Frankie Cihi's mural.

Check out this video to learn more about Frankie and her work:

We are going to be back later this week to tell you about another artist we partnered with for Designed on Surface.