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Introducing the luxurious new Signature Type Cover

Written By published April 12, 2016

This week, I traveled to Italy to announce the latest, premium addition to the Surface Pro line at Milan Design Week – the Signature Type Cover.

During Milan Design Week, luxury brands come together to showcase the latest fashions, materials, and even tech in the world of design. The perfect place to launch the Signature Type Cover, meticulously crafted with a luxury material, sourced exclusively in Italy and used in high-end fashion, automotive and interiors. It’s unique combination of sophisticated design and durability made it a natural choice for Surface. With this material, the Signature Type Cover is perfect for anyone who wants a premium accessory that looks as good as it feels.

Surface + Design

Our Surface journey has always been about delivering the best experience to our customers – to create a device that not only allows them to get things done, but that they love to use and are proud to carry. We are inspired by those that dream and do amazing things, and we work tirelessly to bring that same belief to how we create our own products. We ask ourselves, how do we make everyday objects beautiful?

Finding Alcantara®

For the new Signature Type Cover, we wanted to make a cover that not only looks good, but feels great to hold in your hand and can stand the test of time. We needed something that was both durable and beautiful. Our search led us to the village of Nera Montoro, in the heart of Italy’s Umbria region, which is the home of a luxury material called Alcantara. The unique sensory and technical qualities of the material create a beautiful two-tone grey mélange effect, which is soft to the touch and ages beautifully, growing richer and darker over time – no two are the same, your Signature Type Cover can truly be uniquely yours.

Each Signature Type Cover takes five weeks to produce, as the material is extruded and crimped, needle-punched and dyed.

We partnered closely with the Alcantara team to fine tune and tailor the material to meet our needs. Each Signature Type Cover takes five weeks to produce, as the material is extruded and crimped, needle-punched and dyed. The final product blends Italian luxury, a Finnish minimalistic design aesthetic and durability that helps it improve with age, like a good leather jacket.

Engineering + Design

Great design starts with great materials and the Signature Type Cover is no different. From the beginning, engineering and design are interwoven—they shouldn’t be separated, which is why materials and fabrics have been integral to our design process. Especially when making such a light and thin finished product, the materials you use must be considered and the premium, durable frame of Surface could only be achieved through precise material selection.

The Signature Type Cover is crafted from our latest generation of Surface Pro keyboards, giving you the perfect amount of travel in every keystroke, spaced keys for fast typing, and a large glass trackpad.


Starting at $159.99 USD, the new Signature Type Cover is available through Microsoft stores and at select retailers in the United States, Australia, Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland, and United Kingdom.