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March 17, 2016

Designed on Surface: Creating a magical wolf mural with Andreas in Munich

Andreas Preis is a muralist, illustrator, and designer. Born in the Bavarian forest he has had a fascination for drawing and vivid colors from an early age. His art is dominated by geometric shapes and popping colors. A lot of Andreas’ work has recently revolved around these beautiful geometric illustrations of animals. He is the final artist to be featured in the Designed on Surface project.

We partnered with Andreas to create a mural in Munich that would embody what it means to him to do great things. We are glad he stayed true to his style, and we absolutely love the powerful drawing of a wolf that Andreas created in a marathon painting session.

Andreas Preis' wolf mural in Munich.

All in all, it took Andreas four days to complete this mural. He worked up the original sketch in Photoshop on his Surface and then projected the mural against the almost 30 foot wide wall to get an outline drawn. From there he used lots of spray paint and markers to create the mural.

A sketch of Andreas Preis' wolf mural in Munich.

Here is the source file that Andreas used for the mural:Having access to the full Adobe Creative Cloud, specifically Photoshop makes a huge difference to an artist when you are on the go and need to keep working away from your studio. There are tasks you simply can’t do away from your studio bench, but often you are commuting, visiting a client, or traveling and you want access to your full fidelity files. Surface Pro 4 allows Andreas to apply his tried workflow, even when on the go.

We documented his experience creating the mural in a video. Check it out:

Andreas is the last in the series of artists we highlighted in the last couple of weeks as part of our Designed on Surface project. It has been incredibly fun to share these murals with you and to tell you more about how artists are doing great things with Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book.

When we began this project, we wanted to inspire artists at all levels to think about how Surface can take creativity to new places. If you want to learn more about the artists and their murals – visit us at  Happy creating!