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March 10, 2016

Designed on Surface: Magical beards, surfing, and markers with Mulga in Sydney

No other mural project for Designed on Surface was more fun than working with Mulga. Surf, beach, magical beards, and massive markers were the ingredients for this indoor art installation right by Mulga’s former pop-up store in Sydney, Australia.

Mulga's indoor art installation.

Joel Moore, better known as Mulga, is an illustrator and artist who has specialized in fantastic pictures of tropical bearded men running rampant, lions smoking pipes, tigers wearing diamond sunglasses, and gorillas from some funky planet out of this world. His style is all about intricate line work and bright colors.

It’s hard to believe that it has only been a few years since Mulga left his job in finance to pursue the creation of art full-time.

Mulga painting his indoor mural.

Mulga used Smith Micro’s Manga Studio, typically favored by comic book artists including Mike Krahulik, on his Surface Book. Manga is particularly great because of its intuitive UI and fantastic support for pressure sensitive drawing with the Surface Pen.

Mural artist Mulga drawing his mural on his Surface.

There are few works that are more colorful and visually engaging. What is not to love about magical creatures and hilarious stories behind his artwork? Check out this video to learn more about Mulga’s work with Surface:

We are going to be back next week with another story about the artists we partnered with for Designed on Surface.