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February 25, 2016

Designed on Surface: Graffiti Tour de Force with Sergio Odeith in Lisbon

Throughout the Designed on Surface project we have highlighted the works of both established and up-and-coming artists we’ve partnered with. Our work with these young and rising artists has been some of the most engaging for my team. Their inspiration and drive is infectious.

Artist Sergio Odeith painting his mural.

You simply want them to be successful. Bao is a great example of that. Juxtapose all that with Sergio Odeith – who is something of a legend. When you speak with Odeith he will describe his style as “sombre 3D.” He has a special talent for perspective and shading to create some amazing anamorphic murals.

I consider us lucky to have been able to work with Odeith in Lisbon to create one of the most visually stunning murals of the Designed on Surface project.

Artist Sergio Odeith's mural in Lisbon.

In Odeith’s own words:

“It’s about Fernando Pessoa, he was a really famous book and poetry writer from Portugal, he did some of the most important masterpieces, he used to sit in this coffee shop, which is also really famous, called ‘Brasileira’ here in Lisbon, one of the most popular spots in Lisbon, to get inspired to make his art”

I love that Odeith went to that same café to create the sketches for his mural.

Artist Sergio Odeith working on his Surface.
Artist Sergio Odeith painting his mural.

Watching him work is so inspiring, and like so many other artists, Odeith relies heavily on creative software that enables him to express his ideas. He is also always on the go, displaying his works in galleries around the world and working with clients from Brazil, across the United States, and Europe.

Having a Surface Pro 4 and Surface Pen with precision ink allows Odeith to work anytime, anywhere and not compromise the tools or his creative software of choice.

Check out this cool video about Odeith’s mural:

We also captured his creative process using time-lapse photography:

We’ll be back next week with another story about the artists we partnered with for Designed on Surface.