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February 18, 2016

Murals large and small in Paris with Pablito Zago and Designed on Surface

Pablito Zago is an Avignon, France based graffiti artist who recently partnered with our team in France to create two murals for the Designed on Surface project.

Pablito Zago painting his mural in Paris.

Right along Avenue Georges V in Paris – a historic stretch that leads from the Seine to the Avenue des Champs-Elysées – Pablito created a beautiful and playful mural. What I love about this mural is its location. All through the process of creating it, passersby were incredibly close to the action. Once completed, being right at the street level, everyone get to really enjoy Pablito’s work.

All too often, we find incredible murals that transform abandoned buildings, but seldom do we get to enjoy a piece of work in the heart of the city – even if temporarily.

Pablito Zago's mural in Paris.

Pablito uses Adobe Photoshop to compose his work digitally before wielding a spray can at the wall. Like so many other artists using Surface, it is the combination of the device’s power and the precision of the pressure sensitive Surface Pen to untether themselves from the studio desk.

To create a mural, many hours of detailed digital work precedes any painting. Some of this work takes place at the desk, surrounded by the artist’s familiar tools, but often inspiration can strike while away from the studio. Surface enables artists to be truly creative and productive, providing tools to capture your ideas no matter where you are.

Check out this video about Pablito and how he uses Surface:

Now… do you want to see a truly massive mural? Check out this 870 square meter mural on the side of the Microsoft France office in Paris. That’s over 9,300 square feet of Pablito’s fun and colorful work on display:

Pablito's 870 square meter mural on the side of the Microsoft France office in Paris.

Check back next week for another story about the artists we partnered with for Designed on Surface.