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July 7, 2015

Publish responsive websites to the Windows Store with Project Westminster

Windows 10 introduces support for Hosted Web Apps using the Universal Windows Platform bridge known as Project Westminster. This gives you the ability to easily publish your website or web app to the Windows Store. Project Westminster embraces web developer workflows, allowing you to keep using your existing tools, repos, hosting service, language and framework choices. All that’s required to publish an app is the entry of your site’s URL into a manifest and the definition of URLs that make up your app.

Once your app is deployed on Windows, developers can fully integrate with Windows 10 by calling native APIs directly from server-side JavaScript. To do so, just add the code and push a change to your website―there is no need to resubmit to the store.

You can learn more, including examples and additional resources, in my post on Building Apps for Windows: “Project Westminster in a nutshell.”

Kiril Seksenov, Program Manager, Microsoft Edge