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August 15, 2019

WebView2Browser: A rich sample for WebView2

At this year’s Build conference in May, we announced the Win32 preview of the WebView2 control powered by the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge. Since then, we have been engaging with the community and partners to collect a great deal of feedback, and delivering SDK updates every six-weeks.

To demonstrate the new WebView’s capabilities, we built a sample browser app (we call it WebView2Browser) using the WebView2 APIs. The intent was to develop a rich sample that benefits other developers building on top of WebView2, and to provide direct feedback to the rest of the WebView2 team from first-hand app-building experience. The sample features an array of functionalities, such as navigation, searching from the address bar, tabs, favorites, history, and verifying a secure connection.

Screen capture showing the WebView2Browser sample app

Get the sample on GitHub

You can read more about WebView2Browser and play with the source code on our GitHub repo. The sample code demonstrates a variety of WebView workflows – from the basics of using navigation APIs and calling JavaScript to retrieve the document title, to more advanced cases such as communicating between multiple WebViews through postMessage and using Chrome DevTools Protocol. The app-building experience also gave us some great ideas for future WebView functionalities – accelerator key event, user data/cache management – just to name a few.

Build your own WebView2 app

Apart from the WebView2Browser sample, you can also learn more about WebView2 through our documentation and getting-started guide. Tell us what you plan to build with WebView2 and we’re excited to hear your thoughts on our feedback repo.

Limin Zhu, Program Manager, Microsoft Edge WebView