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April 12, 2017 PC

Disabling VBScript execution in Internet Explorer 11

By Microsoft Edge Team

VBScript is deprecated in Internet Explorer 11, and is not executed for webpages displayed in IE11 However, for backwards compatibility, VBScript execution is currently still permitted for websites rendered in legacy document This was introduced as a temporary Document modes… Read more

March 13, 2017 Mobile, PC, Tablet

Notes from the Node.js VM Summit

By Microsoft Edge Team

The Chakra team was delighted to host the third VM Summit recently here at These meetings bring together JavaScript VM vendors, Node collaborators, and CTC members including participants from Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, nearForm, and This group is currently focused… Read more

December 20, 2016 Mobile, PC, Tablet

Introducing Brotli compression in Microsoft Edge

By Microsoft Edge Team

Beginning with EdgeHTML , Microsoft Edge supports Brotli as an HTTP content-encoding This change will be released to stable builds with the Windows 10 Creator’s Update early next year, but you can preview it now via the Windows Insider With… Read more

Screen capture showing an Edge browser window with a dialog from the address bar which reads "Adobe Flash content was blocked. Do you want to allow Adobe Flash to run on this site?" The options are Close, Allow Once, and Allow Always.
December 14, 2016 PC, Tablet

Extending User Control of Flash with Click-to-Run

By Crispin Cowan and Microsoft Edge Team

Adobe Flash has been an integral part of the web for decades, enabling rich content and animations in browsers since before HTML5 was In modern browsers, web standards pioneered by Microsoft, Adobe, Google, Apple, Mozilla, and many others are now… Read more

Screen capture showing Microsoft Edge when browsing to a site protected with a SHA-1 certificate
November 18, 2016 Mobile, PC, Tablet

SHA-1 deprecation countdown

By Microsoft Edge Team

The SHA-1 hash algorithm is no longer Weaknesses in SHA-1 could allow an attacker to spoof content, execute phishing attacks, or perform man-in-the-middle attacks when browsing the Microsoft, in collaboration with other members of the industry, is working to phase… Read more

September 20, 2016 Mobile, PC, Tablet

Building in 10k: Svelte JavaScript Enhancements

By Microsoft Edge Team

Editor’s note: This is the fifth in a series of posts from the team that built the 10k Apart contest site, exploring the process of building for interoperability, accessibility, and progressive enhancement in less than In the previous post in… Read more

September 13, 2016 PC, Tablet

Blocking out-of-date Flash ActiveX controls on IE11

By Microsoft Edge Team

Update (October 11, 2016): As of today, out-of-date Flash ActiveX control blocking for IE11 is The blocking period will continue till November 10, As you update, remember to leave the “Install updates automatically when available” recommended setting enabled! This will… Read more

July 8, 2016 Mobile, PC, Tablet

The Progress of Web Apps

By Microsoft Edge Team

Editor's Note - this post was originally posted on Medium and has been updated to reflect the latest Let’s talk about the progress of web No, that’s not an autocorrect mistake from “progressive web apps” — let's take a look at how the web… Read more