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An update to our SHA-1 deprecation roadmap

By Microsoft Edge Team

In November, we shared a SHA-1 Deprecation Update with some early details on our schedule for blocking SHA-1 signed TLS Today we would like to share some more details to share on how this will be rolled Starting with the… Read more

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Compare browser type systems with the new API Catalog tool

By Joseph Shum, Arron Eicholz and Justin Rogers

Interoperability has long been a driving priority for the Microsoft Edge To make informed, data-driven decisions, we need the ability to find the similarities and differences between the type systems of all browsers, to compare how core global functions, namespaces,… Read more

Flowchart showing the simplified browser pipeline. Figure 1. Content transformed to the engine model is projected into visual and accessibility views that are presented either as visual or accessible presentation.
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Building a more accessible web platform

By Bogdan Brinza and Rossen Atanassov

In February we shared our roadmap for empowering all Microsoft Edge customers through accessibility and inclusive Today, we’re excited to share more about Microsoft Edge’s native support for the modern UI Automation accessibility framework, coming with the Windows 10 Anniversary… Read more