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November 18, 2013

1000+ Unity apps across Windows Store and Windows Phone

This past June, we announced a collaboration with Unity, through which Unity developers can publish their apps on Windows platforms. Since the release of Unity 4.2, we’ve seen exponential growth of apps made with Unity on both the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store; there are now more than one thousand Unity apps—and counting.

Image showing logos for Unity, Windows, and Windows Phone, which represents the partnerships of apps and Unity

Porting Unity apps to Windows Store and Windows Phone can expand market reach by millions of users with minimal effort, and Unity continues to provide improved support for Windows platforms in the latest version, Unity 4.3. Today, Jean-Christophe Cimetiere (Director, Partner Developer Marketing at Microsoft) talks about the latest resources and news for the Unity community, including Porting Labs, resources like technical guides and an expanded app gallery, and advice from developers. Check out the post on the Windows Phone Developer Blog!