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April 12, 2014

Now live: Consolidated price tiers to support universal Windows apps, may impact your app pricing

This week we began rolling out the behind the scenes infrastructure changes in support of announcements at last week’s //build/ conference.  This includes the consolidated price tier structure, which is the first change that will be noticeable to you, as your app prices may have changed as a result.  We’re making changes to the price tiers to achieve two goals:

1) Simplify app pricing for developers by providing a single set of price tiers across Windows and Windows Phone, necessary to support universal Windows apps

2) Increase developer opportunity by adding $0.99 and $1.29 (USD) price points for Windows; apps priced in this range represent 55% of Windows Phone paid transactions today

In addition to the consolidation, we also made adjustments for local factors including changes in foreign exchange rates, taxes and market-specific pricing customs.  This is an action we take periodically.  You can expect to see some changes in your app pricing, in some cases lower and in others higher.  We encourage you to visit Dev Center to review your app pricing and make any necessary adjustments. 

You can expect to see additional changes next week, so watch this blog for more information.  And, please provide your feedback.  A great way to do this is via our developer feedback site

Updated 4/17: pricing includes both the pricing of paid apps and in-app purchase.