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April 16, 2014

//build 2014 highlights #2: enterprise, XAML, and IE/JavaScript/web apps

Welcome to our next installment of //build 2014 highlights! This week we’ll start with relevant sessions for enterprise developers that are rich and diverse. As we mentioned in a brief post on April 3rd, Windows 8.1 Update enables some new features for side-loaded Windows Store apps, namely local loopback and brokering between Windows Store and desktop apps and services, which open a wide range of new scenarios. These capabilities were also mentioned in the //build keynotes and are addressed fully in this session: 2-515 – Respecting Your Investments: How to Leverage Your Existing Code in a New Windows Runtime LOB App.

Additional sessions on enterprise development and deployment—including desktop apps and web apps in Internet Explorer’s Enterprise Mode—include the following:

Of course, many Windows developers live and breathe C# and XAML, so many of the sessions we highlighted last week related to universal apps—apps sharing much of the same code that can be published in both the Windows and Windows Phone Stores—apply here as well. To augment that list, this next collection contains those sessions specific to C# and XAML, which include development, tooling, and testing:

And finally, we talked much at //build about writing apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which spans the range from web apps to native Windows Store app, Windows Phone 8.1 apps, and also Xbox One, not to mention ASP.NET and using Azure for your apps and sites. We also announced, as you saw on this blog last week, that the Windows Library for JavaScript, WinJS, is now open source! In short, lots of news!

Web platform (general)

WinJS and Windows Store apps

ASP.NET, TypeScript, and tools



Next week: graphics, media, design, and the business of apps.

The //build Planning Team

P.S. What did you think of the //build 2014 content? What were your favorite sessions? What did you want to see but didn’t? Leave us your feedback in the comments here, and also leave session-specific feedback on the channel9 page for that session. We do read and care about your input!