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April 22, 2014

//build 2014 highlights #3: graphics, media, design, and the business of apps

We’re deep into our //build 2014 highlights, and this week we bring together some of the deepest technical sessions—those on graphics and media—with those at the opposite end of the spectrum, namely those related to design and running your apps business.

Let’s start off deep with the six sessions on gaming and DirectX:

We also pointed to the session on WebGL last week, which is worth mentioning again in this context: 3-558 – Cutting Edge Graphics in HTML.

The subject of media enjoyed sessions that were few in number, but not at all lacking depth!

Now a successful apps business isn’t built on highly specialized developers alone: the greatest graphics technologies in the world don’t mean much if the results aren’t beautiful and engaging! In other words, artists and designers are just as important to creating apps as your developers. So we offered a number of design-focused sessions:

Finally, you can have the coolest app in the world but it won’t get you very far if nobody knows about it, if you can’t keep your users engaged, and if it doesn’t serve your business goals. So at //build 2014 we dedicated some time and energy to helping you with the businessside of building apps, including considerations for the Windows Store and Windows Phone Store, monetization, and understanding and engaging your customers:

Next week we’ll wrap up with series with Azure, tools, and a number of the other interesting sessions that don’t fit into any category!

The //build Planning Team

P.S. What did you think of the //build 2014 content? What were your favorite sessions? What did you want to see but didn’t? Leave us your feedback in the comments here, and also leave session-specific feedback on the channel9 page for that session. We do read and care about your input!