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April 23, 2014

Join us to //publish/ your Windows apps for phones, tablets and PCs

This blog was authored by Microsoft MVP, Joost van Schaik


Windows Phone has been a passion for me since even before it was released, and I have been developing for it ever since. Passion can take you very far – in my case, I even became a Windows Phone Development MVP in October 2011. In that capacity, but also just as a developer loving his platform, I would like to point you to //publish/, an event that will run on May 16-17, 2014. Unlike //build/, you don’t have to go all the way San Francisco to meet the industry experts – we will be right there for you, at (present count) 66 places all over the world, in all countries, time zones and languages.

Why should you attend //publish/?

1) If you are even remotely interested in developing Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Store 8.1 apps, but most especially if you have that first app that is more-or-less finished but you can’t get it ‘just right.’

2) If you are an advanced developer who is struggling with the more arcane concepts and just can’t get things to work.

3) Do you have that annoying bug that is preventing you from shipping?

4) Can’t get that darn Live tile to work like you want?

//publish/ is where to get help. First, we had //build/, where Microsoft told you about everything new. Then we have //learn/ coming this Friday, April 24, a massive global on-line webinar that will explain to you in detail – in your own language and time zone – what great features have been added in Windows Phone 8.1 and how you can leverage them as a developer. //publish/ is intended to get you into the Store and, who knows, on your way to fame and fortune.

What can I expect at //publish/?

1) Free access to industry experts from both Microsoft and the community who will help you with both technical and design issues.

2) The events will be in (video) contact with each other, so if you happen to have that one very specific question no one is able to figure out locally, we will find that answer, wherever in the world. I will be in Amsterdam, probably getting a lot of questions on mapping 😉

3) This will not be some publicity event, we want to help you publish your app! Lots of the people present and helping will be MVPs, too. They have been there in the trenches with Windows Phone 8.1 for some time now, they know the drill, have been there, done that and got the (Cortana) t-shirt, understand the challenges you will meet and will help you fix things.

4) No sales pitches, just getting stuff done. Like The Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog so aptly says: “Independent experts – real world answers.”

Whatever people said about Windows Phone in the past: with 8.1 it is now not only at parity with – but also way ahead of the competition. The convergence of Windows Phone and Windows now makes it possible to get your app on potentially billions of devices all over the world. Whether you are a hobby developer dreaming of your game hitting the Store or an enterprise developer thinking how to integrate all your business requirements into the platform – now is a great time to get cracking, and the May 16-17th event is a great moment to do so.

I hope to meet you in Amsterdam, or else say hello to my fellows at whatever //publish/ event you are going to meet. Come and join the melee. Make the dream –yours and mine – come true.