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May 9, 2014

Inside Windows Phone 75: Tim Heuer on Windows Runtime XAML

This week, Lead Program Manager Tim Heuer joined us to talk about all the announcements from Build 2014 with regard to Windows Runtime XAML, (as well as the unified Windows platform in general).

As you more than likely know, XAML is the specific schema of XML leveraged by several different Microsoft programming languages and frameworks for declaratively creating user experiences.

Tim was behind an enormous amount of work that took place to drive this release of the universal XAML for Windows Runtime framework in this last release of Windows Phone (8.1), as well as the current version of Windows (8.1 update) for PCs, laptops and tablets. In this interview, he walks us through an awesome demo he prepared for the Build 2014 keynote that presents exactly how to utilize Windows Runtime XAML to deliver a compelling experience across device types, using universal projects in Visual Studio 2013 update 2 (the release candidate unveiled at Build).


Here are some links to related materials for more information.

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