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December 21, 2016

AdDuplex – your one stop shop for Windows app and game marketing and monetization

From the early days of the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace to the modern days of Windows Store, AdDuplex was and is committed to providing top-notch advertising solutions for app and game developers, publishers and advertisers.

Premier cross-promotion network

Back in 2011, AdDuplex launched the first cross-promotion network for Windows Phone 7 apps and empowered thousands of independent developers to advertise their apps for free by helping fellow app and game creators. Apps that got initial attention in the early days of the ecosystem received an overall boost and enjoyed the early exposure for years to come. AdDuplex helped such apps by utilizing their ad space before they had reached a level of popularity that made monetization efforts worthwhile.

AdDuplex cross-promotion network works as an enabler of advertising exchange between participating apps and games. Developers place a line of code into their apps and start promoting other apps on the network. Those other apps return the favor. The exchange ratio is 10:8, meaning that for every 10 ad impressions your app shows, you are advertised eight times in other apps. The remaining two impressions are used by AdDuplex to help commercial advertisers reach their potential users and support future development of the platform.

Since 2011, more than 10,000 apps joined AdDuplex and use it to accelerate and amend their growth efforts.

User acquisition on Windows

Free cross-promotion is great, but it limits the velocity of your growth to a pretty linear scale. What if you want to grow faster and have a budget for that? AdDuplex provides an opportunity for app and game publishers to reach more users faster via paid advertising campaigns.

Publishers from all over the world use AdDuplex to both jumpstart their new apps and games, and acquire new users for their other apps and games.

Windows 10 era

The day after the initial public Windows 10 launch, AdDuplex was ready with an SDK for UWP apps. It lets developers use the same SDK and even the same ad units across desktop and mobile, and is now ready for your apps on Xbox One.

App developers and advertisers can target various versions of Windows Phone and Windows across all main device families and reach exactly the users they are looking for through either banner or full-screen ads.

Make money with your Windows apps and AdDuplex

The most recent development was a launch of ad monetization part of AdDuplex. While still in invite-only mode, every app and game developer is welcome to apply for and participate in a revenue-sharing scheme in which developers get 70 percent of the money that advertisers pay AdDuplex. And even when there are no paid campaigns to show, your ad space is not wasted – AdDuplex cross-promotion network kicks in and generates free advertising for your app or game.

Getting started with AdDuplex

Whether you are an independent app developer or an advertiser in search of scale, benefitting from AdDuplex services is really easy. Here are the basics you’ll need to get started (plus some nice extras):