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January 24, 2017

Promote your App – Anywhere. Anytime.

We are very excited to announce the release of campaign APIs for the Windows Store. Using these REST APIs, media agencies can promote apps and manage their ad campaigns easily. ‘Promote your App’ is a feature within DevCenter that allows you to create ad campaigns for your apps to grow your audience and engage with them. Using ‘Promote your App,’ you can leverage advanced targeting capabilities and use our popular ad templates to advertise your apps among Windows users.

About the APIs

These APIs are open to media houses that wish to run promotions on behalf of their advertisers – developers, game studios, anyone with apps on the Windows Store. Developers or organizations that already have a DevCenter account can also use these APIs to create and manage their ad campaigns.

These APIs are a powerful way of accessing your ad campaigns – they allow for bulk operations and features such as sharing creatives and/or targeting templates across campaigns. For media agencies handling large volumes of advertising, the APIs allow for flexibility while creating campaigns as well as viewing reporting data.

Developers can continue to use the DevCenter dashboard as well. Any campaign created under a single account – whether through the dashboard or API will be accessible from either channel.

How to get started?

Media agencies that would like to know more and get access to the promotion APIs, please reach out to [email protected] to sign up.

App developers and organizations using DevCenter can follow the prerequisite steps listed here.

Detailed documentation for accessing these APIs along with code samples is available here.

Promote your apps using APIs and reach the fast growing pool of Windows audience, starting NOW!