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January 27, 2017

New Ad Performance and App Promotion Performance Reporting in Windows Store Analytics API

The team in charge of the Windows Store and Dev Center tools is constantly working to make your dev life simpler. Take the release of the Windows Store analytics API in March as an example — they hear your feedback and work to make sure our features are top notch and as up-to-date as possible.

Now, the team has enabled two new features that will simplify reporting even further: the Windows Store Analytics API set for both Advertising Performance Reporting and App Promotion Performance Reporting.

These API methods have long been a top request, and we are excited to have them ready and available for you and your team to use right now!

As with the original analytics API, these new methods provide the information you once had to navigate in a dashboard via a simple REST method. These methods simplify information retrieval, so you no longer need to log into the Dev Center Advertising Performance Reports and the App Promotion Campaign Performance Reports for every piece of information. And the data can now be assessed with your favorite analytics tools – from Microsoft Excel to Power BI.

With unprecedented analytics access right at your fingertips you can retrieve data, collate it and format it to best suit your needs. This enables easier assessment of trends and improved ability to analyze your apps and campaigns’ performance over time (and in comparison to other apps and campaigns).

Several top Windows and Windows Mobile developers have already started using these methods to better integrate the data from the Windows Store into their internal reporting frameworks. “The Dev Center reporting API was easy to integrate and lets us access all of our earnings and campaign reporting in one place,” said Jake Poznanski, co-founder of Random Salad Games, which tracks over 90 apps for its publisher-partners using the Dev Center API and PowerBI. “The reporting API is indispensable if you are a serious publisher on the Windows platform.”

They are finding them extremely useful and vital to their planning and lifecycle management. We hope that you will too!

Get started with the Windows Store Analytics API here, and check out the new Ads performance reporting and Ad campaign performance reporting API – then let us know what you think!