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March 15, 2017

Complete Anatomy: Award-Winning App Comes to Windows Store

3D4Medical has just completed the port of its award-winning flagship product Complete Anatomy to Windows Store using the Windows Bridge for iOS. The Windows Bridge is an open-source environment for Objective-C that provides support for third party APIs. The Windows Bridge was a very important component in 3D4Medical’s development team, bringing the high-resolution 3D models and smooth touch interface that its users were already familiar with to the world of Windows PC and Surface users.

3D4Medical created a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app in response to the huge demand from its core audience of medical students and clinical professionals, many of whom use Windows devices. The app supports multiple Windows form-factors and device configurations. The interface can be manipulated with either a mouse or touch gestures. The experience particularly shines on Surfaces and other pen capable devices, where you can take advantage of Windows Ink support for smooth drawing and annotation.

Smooth interactions

As you can see in the example below, the UWP version of Complete Anatomy provides a rich user experience with smooth transitions and an elegant menu system that provides access to updatable quizzes and anatomy tutorials that are shared across iOS and Windows devices. With your finger, a Windows Pen or a mouse, you can quickly rotate skeletons to view points of interest from multiple perspectives. The high-definition models also scale smoothly as you zoom and pan over points of articulation and various anatomical systems.

Muscular, arterial, lymphatic, nervous, respiratory and digestive systems can be toggled on and off, annotated, labeled, drawn on and even saved for later reference. The app currently leverages Windows Ink for convenient pen interactions.

Wrapping Up

In porting Complete Anatomy to the Windows Store, 3D4Medical demonstrates that the Windows Bridge can help developers bring feature-rich, award-winning design to PCs and Surfaces in a short time span. This app shines on all Surface devices, whether it’s the Surface Pro line, the Surface Book or even an 84″ Surface Hub. Complete Anatomy brings over not only all the high-fidelity models and natural interactions already developed, but also extends the product with Windows capabilities like Windows Ink.

To learn more about cross-platform development, please refer to the documentation and articles linked below: