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April 14, 2017

ICYMI – Your weekly TL;DR

Building a new app this weekend? Check out last week’s Windows Developer updates before you dive in.

COM Server and OLE Document support for the Desktop Bridge

The Windows 10 Creators Update adds out-of-process (OOP) COM and OLE support for apps on the Desktop Bridge – a.k.a Packaged COM. Read more here to find out how it works.

Visual Studio 2017 – Now Ready for Your Windows Application Development Needs

Visual Studio 2017 is the most powerful Universal Windows Platform development environment. It brings unparalleled productivity improvements, a streamlined acquisition experience and enhanced debugging tools for UWP devs. Check it out.

Monetizing your app: Advertisement placement

App developers are free to place their ads in any part of their apps and many have done so to blend the ad experience into their app. We have seen that devs who take the time to do this get the best performance for their ads and earn more revenue. Want to learn how they do it?

The new Djay Pro App for Windows

Download Visual Studio to get started.

The Windows team would love to hear your feedback. Please keep the feedback coming using our Windows Developer UserVoice site. If you have a direct bug, please use the Windows Feedback tool built directly into Windows 10.