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April 17, 2017

Now available: Windows Developer training course on Desktop Bridge

We are happy to announce that the Microsoft Virtual Academy training course, Developer’s Guide to the Desktop Bridge, is now available on demand.

This video course, delivered by the Desktop Bridge Program Management team, aims to help developers understand the concepts and benefits of the Desktop Bridge tooling in the Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform. Watch the video and find the relevant sample code here to start bringing your desktop apps to the Windows Store and to take advantage of new Windows 10 features of the Universal Windows Platform in your WPF, WinForms, MFC or other type of Win32 apps.

Do you want to distribute your desktop application in the Windows Store? We cover that in the course. Do you want to take advantage of modern Windows 10 app-to-app features in your existing desktop application? We cover that in the course. Do you want to light-up Windows 10 features, and still distribute your app to Windows 7 users? We cover that, too. Modernizing your desktop app gradually with UWP components? We cover all of these and more in the course.

 There are eight modules:

  1. Intro to the Desktop Bridge
  2. Desktop App Converter
  3. Debugging and Testing Your Converted Apps
  4. Distributing Your Converted Apps
  5. Enhancing Desktop Applications with UWP Features
  6. Extending and Modernizing with UWP components
  7. What’s Next for the Desktop Bridge
  8. Post-Course Survey

For more information on the Desktop Bridge, please visit the Windows Dev Center.

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