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September 5, 2017

Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 16278 and Mobile Emulator Build 15240 Released

Today, we released a new Windows 10 Preview Build of the SDK and the Mobile Emulator to be used in conjunction with Windows 10 Insider Preview (Build 16278 or greater). The Preview SDK Build 16278 contains bug fixes and under development changes to the API surface area.

The Preview SDK and Mobile Emulator can be downloaded from developer section on Windows Insider.

For feedback and updates to the known issues, please see the developer forum. For new developer feature requests, head over to our Windows Platform UserVoice.

Things to note:

  • This build works in conjunction with previously released SDKs and Visual Studio 2017. You can install this SDK and still also continue to submit your apps that target Windows 10 Creators build or earlier to the Windows Store.
  • The Windows SDK will now formally only be supported by Visual Studio 2017 and greater. You can download the Visual Studio 2017 here.

Known Issues:

  • Compilation fails on non-Windows 10 platforms

When building apps with the minimum target platform version set to 10.0.16278.0 you get the build error:

“The program can’t start because api-ms-win-eventing-classicprovider-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix the problem.”

This will occur if the minimum target platform version is set to 10.0.16278.0. To work around this, edit your project file and change the version to a previous released SDK. For example:

[code lang=”xml”]



Breaking Changes

  • ecmangen.exe removal from the SDK: Ecmangen.exe will no longer ship with the Windows SDK. Developers who rely on ecmangen for event manifest creation are advised to install the Windows Creators Edition of the SDK to obtain the file. Developers may also use notepad or other XML editor of choice for manifest creation. A schema file is available on MSDN to aid in manifest creation, for tools that support it.

API Updates and Additions

When targeting new APIs, consider writing your app to be adaptive in order to run correctly on the widest number of Windows 10 devices. Please see Dynamically detecting features with API contracts (10 by 10) for more information.

The following are the API changes since the 16267 Preview SDK, please reference that list.

Additions APIs since Preview SDK 16267

[code lang=”csharp”]

namespace Windows.Storage.Provider {
public enum StorageProviderHardlinkPolicy : uint
public enum StorageProviderHydrationPolicy
public enum StorageProviderHydrationPolicyModifier : uint
public enum StorageProviderInSyncPolicy : uint
public enum StorageProviderPopulationPolicy
public enum StorageProviderProtectionMode
public sealed class StorageProviderSyncRootInfo {
StorageProviderHardlinkPolicy HardlinkPolicy { get; set; }
StorageProviderHydrationPolicy HydrationPolicy { get; set; }
StorageProviderHydrationPolicyModifier HydrationPolicyModifier { get; set; }
StorageProviderInSyncPolicy InSyncPolicy { get; set; }
StorageProviderPopulationPolicy PopulationPolicy { get; set; }
StorageProviderProtectionMode ProtectionMode { get; set; }


Removal of APIs since Preview SDK 16267

[code lang=”csharp”]

namespace Windows.Storage.Provider {
public enum HardlinkPolicy : uint
public enum HydrationPolicy
public enum HydrationPolicyModifier : uint
public enum InSyncPolicy : uint
public enum PopulationPolicy
public enum ProtectionMode
public sealed class StorageProviderSyncRootInfo {
HardlinkPolicy HardlinkPolicy { get; set; }
HydrationPolicy HydrationPolicy { get; set; }
HydrationPolicyModifier HydrationPolicyModifier { get; set; }
InSyncPolicy InSyncPolicy { get; set; }
PopulationPolicy PopulationPolicy { get; set; }
ProtectionMode ProtectionMode { get; set; }