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November 16, 2017

Xbox analytics report update in Dev Center

We are happy to announce that we’ve updated our Xbox analytics report with a new Xbox Live service health tab to provide visibility into Xbox Live’s service responses.

Xbox Live service health

The new Xbox Live service health tab helps you understand the impact of any Xbox Live client errors, including rate limiting. You are now able to drill down by endpoint and status code to more effectively fix issues. This includes exempt rate limited requests to see potential impact in cases of high volume of these services.

The report also provides a view on Xbox Live’s service availability for your title, so you can quickly determine whether an issue is due to your title’s code or a service outage. The report includes sandbox filters, so you can be more proactive and mitigate issues before your game is released.

Xbox analytics overview

The Xbox analytics overview tab shows who your players are and how they’re engaging with Xbox Live features, so you can make key business decisions for your Xbox titles. For many of these statistics, we also show the Xbox average, so you can easily see how your customers interact with Xbox compared to the average Xbox customer. You can view the following data in the overview tab:

  • Concurrent usage
  • Gamerscore distribution
  • Achievement unlocks
  • Game statistics
  • Friends and followers
  • Accessory usage
  • Connection type

You can learn more about the Xbox analytics report here. We look forward to the positive impact it will have on your players!