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December 21, 2017

#ifdef WINDOWS – Dev Center Analytics with Hannah Jimma

Analytics are invaluable when it comes to continued success with Microsoft Store. Dev Center analytics enable developers to measure success and generate learnings about how users use their creations, and allow for targeted actions to increase reach and continuously improve the overall experience.

I met with Hannah Jimma, a program manager on the Microsoft Store team focusing on Dev Center analytics, and I learned about what analytics are available today and some new features the team is working on for the future. Among other things, we covered:

  •        Measuring success of acquisitions, including what data is available on the way developers are discovering your apps
  •        Understanding how developers are using your apps and quickly discover bugs and crashes
  •        Capturing feedback from your users and interacting with them
  •        Analyzing data that is specific to Xbox
  •        Trying out new features in the Dev Center with the Dev Center Insider Program

and much more. Check out the video above for the full overview and feel free to reach out on Twitter or in the comments!

#ifdef WINDOWS is a periodic dev show by developers for developers focused on Windows development through interviews of engineers working on the Windows platform. Learn why and how features and APIs are built, how to be more successful building Windows apps, what goes into building for Windows and ultimately how to become a better Windows developer. Subscribe to the YouTube channel for notifications about new videos as they are posted, and make sure to reach out on Twitter for comments and suggestions.