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April 18, 2018

Windows Template Studio 2.0 is now available!

Windows Template Studio has released our 2.0 release and can’t wait for everyone to create some amazing applications with it. Template Studio is an open source project whose sole goal is to get you building applications quicker with best practices with a solid initial code base.

We’re extremely proud of our community driven project and the massive contributions / partnerships we’ve had with you over the past year since we launched.

Windows Template Studio 2.0

How to get the update:

There are two paths to update to the newest build.

  • Already installed: Visual Studio should auto update the extension. To force an update, Go to Tools->Extensions and Updates. Then go to Update expander on the left, and you should see Windows Template Studio in there, and click “Update.”
  • Not installed:Head to, click “download,” and double click the VSIX installer.

What has happened under the hood?

We’ve done a lot of work improving the user interface and being sure we’re fully accessible for all developers. By partnering with the Visual Studio team, we feel the new interface is faster and more approachable. We’ve improved our template updating experience, our actual templates and much more. Our wizard also now detects dark, light and high contrast modes of Visual Studio.

In addition, once the next update to Windows 10 is released, we’ll adopt the platform NavigationView control over the UWP Community Toolkit’s great Hamburger menu control, which already does do a smart flip between their classic and the platform control. We’re currently working on documentation to aid in that transition between the existing control and the new platform control as well.

Documentation, everyone’s favorite friend

We are pushing hard on improving our docs and will continue to do so. Over time, most of our docs will migrate to that cover our templates and using the actual wizard. The docs that will stay on WTS’s GitHub will be docs on modifying the engine or creating a template for the wizard to consume.

Future progress, getting updates and community interaction

Moving forward, we’ll continue to push hard and add in new features and templates.

Some of our largest additions, bugs and best feature ideas came from you, the community. The WTS team are extremely honored to have been a part of this and everyone that has filed a bug to submit a PR, you should too. We encourage everyone to log bugs, submit feature requests, and contribute back at on GitHub.