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March 6, 2019

Updated Microsoft Store App Developer Agreement: New Revenue Share

As of March 5th, the Microsoft Store team has updated the Microsoft Store App Developer Agreement (ADA). The next time you log into your Partner Center dashboard, you or someone with an administrative role on your account will be prompted to reaccept the ADA before you can continue to update or manage your applications.

The updated ADA includes the new Microsoft Store fee structure that delivers up to 95 percent of the revenue back to consumer app developers. To ensure you receive the full 95 percent revenue, be sure to instrument your referring traffic URLs with a CID.

When Microsoft delivers a customer through other methods (tracked by an OCID), such as when the customer discovers the app in a Microsoft Store collection, through Microsoft Store search, or through any other Microsoft-owned properties, then you will receive 85 percent of the revenue from that purchase.

When there is no CID or OCID attributed to a purchase, in the instance of a web search, you will receive 95 percent revenue.

The new fee structure is applicable to app purchases made on all Windows 10 PCs, Windows Mixed Reality, Windows 10 Mobile and Surface Hub devices. The new fee structure excludes all games and any purchases on Xbox consoles.

For full details on the new fee structure refer to the Microsoft Store App Developer Agreement. To see an overview of all the changes made to this version of the ADA please visit the change history.