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December 18, 2019

Participate in the Developer Economics Survey

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The Developer Economics Q4 2019 Survey is now open! Every year more than 40,000 developers around the world participate in this survey, so this is a chance to be part of something big and share your experience as a developer and your view of the future of the software industry. Take the survey now or first read answers to the questions below.

Is this survey for me?

The survey is for all developers, whether you’re a professional, a hobbyist, or a student; building front-end, back-end, or full stack; working on desktop, web, gaming, cloud, mobile, IoT, AR/VR, machine learning, or data science.

What’s in it for me?

There are some perks to go with your participation. Have a look at what you can get our hands on:

  • A chance to win awesome prizes like a Microsoft Surface Pro 6.
  • A free State of the Developer Nation report with the key findings (available March 2020).

The Q2 2019 State of the Nation report delved into a wide range of topics from career paths of developers who considered themselves introverts vs. extroverts (not everyone in the C-suite is an extrovert) to the most popular tools for cross-platform development (React Native and Xamarin).

What’s in it for Microsoft?

This is an independent survey from SlashData, an analyst firm in the developer economy that tracks global software developer trends. We’re interested in seeing the reports that come from this survey, and we want to ensure the broadest developer audience participates.

Of course, any data collected by this survey is between you and SlashData. You should review their Terms & Conditions page to learn more about the awarding of prizes, their data privacy policy, and how SlashData will handle your personal data.

Ready to go?

The survey is open until Jan. 17, 2020.

Take the survey today

The survey is available in English, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Russian, Japanese, or Korean.