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April 27, 2023

Part 2 – Babylon.js 6.0: Key Rendering Advancements

Our mission is to create one of the most powerful, beautiful, and simple web rendering engines in the world. The latest Babylon.js 6.0 engine features a ton of new improvements to help you create stunning experiences.

Fluid Rendering

With Babylon.js 6.0, you can now render fluids! This unlocks some truly breathtaking imagery right in the browser, running at 60fps!

Check it out:

Learn more here:

Screen Space Reflections v2

Beautiful rendering advancements don’t stop there, however. This new version of Babylon.js also brings a completely updated screen space reflection model, allowing you to render stunning reflections throughout your scene with the highest performance levels possible!

Check it out:

Learn more here:

Texture Decals

One of the hallmarks of a powerful rendering feature set is the ability to be flexible. Babylon.js 6.0 extends the flexibility of working with materials by adding a new Texture Decals feature. Texture Decals allow you to project a decal through a mesh’s UV space to be overlaid on the material’s texture. This unlocks some fun new interaction possibilities for truly immersive web experiences without sacrificing performance!

Try it out here:

Learn More Here:

New glTF Extensions Support

Enabling the most beautiful rendering on the web is an effort that is always evolving. With Babylon.js 6.0 we continue our quest to support the absolute latest advancements in rendering through exciting new glTF extensions. With this latest release, Babylon.js now fully supports the KHR_materials_iridescence and KHR_animation_pointer glTF extensions!

Check it out: and

Besides rendering improvements, there are also a ton of new tools included with this release. Tune in next time to learn more about the exciting new improvements with Babylon.js 6.0.

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