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Image of Windows Calculator

Announcing the Open Sourcing of Windows Calculator

By Dave Grochocki and Howard Wolosky

Today, we’re excited to announce that we are open sourcing Windows Calculator on GitHub under the MIT This includes the source code, build system, unit tests, and product Our goal is to build an even better user experience in partnership… Read more

Fluent Xaml Theme Editor.

Fluent XAML Theme Editor Preview released!

By Kalita Saintonge

We’re excited to announce the preview release of the Fluent XAML Theme Editor application! As some of you may remember from our Build 2018 session this year, we previewed a tool using our new ColorPaletteResources API that allows you to set the color theme of your… Read more


Windows UI Library Preview released!

By Jesse Bishop

We're excited to announce the first preview release of the Windows UI Library! The Windows UI Library (or WinUI for short) is a new way to get and use Fluent controls and styles for building Windows 10 UWP apps: via… Read more


Windows Template Studio 2.2 released!

By Clint Rutkas

We're extremely excited to announce the Windows Template Studio !  For the next few releases, we are doing smaller updates to add in new pages and The reason being is we are working toward multi-project solution support for and adjusting… Read more

PC, Windows Mixed Reality

Windows Developer Day Returns!

By Windows Apps Team

Windows Developer Day is back! Join us on October 10, starting at 9:30 AM PDT via live stream, or attend a viewing party in your area (location list below), as we explore what's new in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update for The day’s schedule… Read more


Windows Template Studio 1.3 Released!

By Clint Rutkas

We're extremely excited to announce the Windows Template Studio In this release, we added in app scheme launch, finalized our work for localization, massive improvements in accessibility and started our work for Visual Basic What's new: For a full list… Read more


The UWP Community Toolkit v2.0

By Nikola Metulev

Today, the UWP Community Toolkit graduates to version and sets the stage for future There have been seven releases since the UWP Community Toolkit was first introduced exactly one year ago and version is the first major and largest update… Read more