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Windows 10 WinRT API Packs released

By Kevin Larkin

With the announcement of the release of .NET Core , we are pleased to announce we have posted on the released versions of the Windows 10 WinRT API The Windows 10 WinRT API Pack allows your WPF or Winforms application… Read more


TraceProcessor 0.2.0

By David Matson

TraceProcessor version is now available on NuGet with the following package ID: This release contains minor feature additions and bug fixes since version (A full changelog is below). There are a couple of project settings we recommend using with TraceProcessor:… Read more


Announcing Windows Vision Skills (Preview)

By Varsha Parthasarathy

Today, we’re announcing the preview of Windows Vision Skills, a set of NuGet packages that make it easy for application developers to solve complex computer vision problems using a simple set of Figure 1- From left to right, you are… Read more


XAML Islands – A deep dive – Part 2

By Alexandre Chohfi

Welcome to the 2nd post of our Xaml Islands deep dive adventure! On the first blog post, we talked a little bit about the history of this amazing feature, how the Xaml Islands infrastructure works and how to use it,… Read more


XAML Islands – A deep dive – Part 1

By Alexandre Chohfi

XAML Islands is a technology that enables Windows developers to use new pieces of UI from the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) on their existing Win32 Applications, including Windows Forms and WPF This allows them to gradually modernize their apps at… Read more


Windows UI Library Preview released!

By Jesse Bishop

We're excited to announce the first preview release of the Windows UI Library! The Windows UI Library (or WinUI for short) is a new way to get and use Fluent controls and styles for building Windows 10 UWP apps: via… Read more


Announcing UWP Community Toolkit 1.4

By David Catuhe

The UWP Community Toolkit is on its fourth release The previous version was packed with new controls, so we decided to focus on stabilizations and improvements on existing controls and services in version Among the improvements: better accessibility for all… Read more


Windows SDK for Google Analytics

By Windows Apps Team

Google Analytics is one of the most popular analytics libraries for websites and mobile Google Analytics is widely used to track user sessions, screen views, events, crashes, social interactions and promotional campaigns on Android and Today, we are excited to… Read more


Using SQLite databases in UWP apps

By Gautam Kanumuru

For many developers, SQLite has become the preferred client-side technology for data It is a server-less, embedded, open-source database engine that satisfies most local data access There are numerous advantages that come with its use, many of which are explained… Read more