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Announcing Windows Community Toolkit v5.1

By Michael A. Hawker

It’s with great pleasure today that we announce the next update to the Windows Community Toolkit, version , made possible with help and contributions from our developer This update brings high-quality animation support with the inclusion of Lottie-Windows in the… Read more


Cognitive Services APIs: Speech

By Windows Apps Team

Speech recognition is in many ways at the heart of Artificial The 18th Century essayist Samuel Johnson captured this beautifully when he wrote, “Language is the dress of ” If the ultimate goal of AI research is a machine that… Read more


Adding UWP features to your existing PC software

By Stefan Wick

With last summer’s release of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and the announcement of the Windows Store supporting apps built with the Desktop Bridge technology, we want to share more details and sample code on how to further enhance and… Read more


Calling Windows 10 APIs From a Desktop Application

By Michael Crump

In today's post, we're covering how PC software can leverage the rich functionality of Windows This is valuable background for the post, "Adding UWP Features to your Existing PC Software," which goes into even more detail on the So here’s… Read more