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October 6, 2007

Submitting Feedback for the Windows Live Apps and Services

I get this question a lot from folks testing and using the Windows Live apps and services: How do I submit feedback?

There are several really good options users can use to submit feedback for Windows Live. I’m going to showcase those options here.


1. Windows Live – Send Feedback ( Users can go to and choose from the list of available Windows Live applications and services to leave feedback for. This site is open to *anyone*. Each team has a mechanism internally for taking in this feedback or suggestion as they continue their work. Once you click on a specific app or service – you will be directed to a feedback for to fill out.

2. Windows Live Product Team Blogs. Almost all the Windows Live apps and services have an official team blog you can visit to read the latest from their team about their product. This can also be a great place for leaving feedback. Many of these blogs allow for comments. You can leave feedback and suggestions through leaving a comment on their blog (all you need to do is log in with your Windows Live ID). How do you find all the team blogs? Simple. I have created a special page specifically for all the Microsoft Team Blogs that exist. You can see the list of Windows Live blogs here. The Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Mail teams even have a blog specifically set up for email support. You can also visit the new Windows Live Wire blog for all the Windows Live blogs as well.

These two options are available to anyone wanting to leave feedback on the Windows Live applications (such as Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Mail, and Windows Live Writer) or the Windows Live web services (such as Windows Live SkyDrive, Windows Live Hotmail, and Windows Live Spaces).  

Please take note: in leaving feedback either through or a specific Windows Live product blog – try to be constructive in the feedback you leave. Saying “this product sucks” is not constructive feedback. Instead – try explaining why you feel the product or service is not working for you and what you think they could do to make it better. This kind of feedback will help the Windows Live teams plan and ship changes, enhancements, and features that will be the product or service better for everyone. Not to sound cliché but – you can make a difference.

In writing about the Windows Live apps and services here – both Nick and I try to relay as much feedback via our comments as possible to the specific Windows Live teams as well.