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Introducing Windows 8 Consumer Preview

By Kent Walter

Moments ago in Barcelona, we announced the release of Windows 8 Consumer Preview, available to download now for anyone interested in trying it We’ve been hard at work for many months now, and while we still have lots more to… Read more

Rob’s Favorite Things for the Holidays

By Rob Enderle

This is a guest blog post from industry analyst Rob Enderle, President and Principal Analyst of the Enderle Well it is that time again and I’ve been going through my office and looking at the products I’ve looked at over… Read more

Windows Media Center Gadgets for Windows SideShow Released

By Brandon LeBlanc

The Windows SideShow Team has announced that the final version of the Windows Media Center Gadgets for Windows SideShow is now available for download on Windows Live Gallery in 32-bit and 64-bit flavors! Download: Windows Media Center Gadgets for Windows… Read more

UPDATED: Silverlight 2.0 Released, Deep Zoom Composer Updated

By Brandon LeBlanc

Scott Guthrie, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft’s Developer Division, has announced the final release of Silverlight Scott runs the teams responsible for Silverlight, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), , and IIS Silverlight is a major release for Microsoft’s Developer Division and… Read more

Download the “I’m A PC” Messenger Theme Pack

By Brandon LeBlanc

To go with your Life Without Walls Wallpapers for your PC, you can now download the “I’m A PC” Windows Live Messenger Theme Pack that gives you a variety of Display Pictures and Backgrounds for your IM conversation Click above… Read more

HP Announces New HP TouchSmart PCs

By Brandon LeBlanc

Several weeks ago I had blogged about HP’s all-in-one PC with amazing touch capabilities – the HP TouchSmart Specifically, I discussed the IQ500 series HP TouchSmart PC models (the IQ504 and IQ506). The IQ500 series HP TouchSmart PCs were considered… Read more

Esther Choi is back and she’s feeling “Snippy”

By Brandon LeBlanc

Esther is back with a brand new demo focusing on another cool feature in Windows Vista - Snipping   Snipping Tool is really handy for anyone who needs to capture and/or send an image of their screen, a web page… Read more

Microsoft Live Labs Releases Color Picker Gadget

By Brandon LeBlanc

I caught this bit of news tonight from Redmond Pie’s awesome Web Slice for IE8 Beta 2 which shows their latest headlines: Microsoft Live Labs has released a really neat Color Picker Gadget for Windows Download: Color Picker Gadget from… Read more

Are you a Geek? Want a Chance to Win a LifeCam VX-5500?

By Brandon LeBlanc

A few weeks ago, Chris Pirillo (of Lockergnome fame) launched a brand new community website – called Geeks! - designed to give geeks of all ages a place to socialize on the On Geeks! – folks can sign-up to become… Read more