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October 17, 2007

Get Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Office with New Sidebar Gadget

Nathan Weinberg over on InsideMicrosoft has spotted an interesting (and helpful) new Windows Sidebar Gadget on Windows Live Gallery: the Office Tips & Tricks Gadget.

The Office Tips & Tricks Gadget sits on your Sidebar or off on your desktop – displaying tips and tricks for Microsoft Office. This gadget is a great way for a user to learn new trips and tricks for Microsoft Office that makes their experience better. I learned how to delete a meeting in Outlook without notifying all the invitees just this evening thanks to the Gadget. Sweet.

Once a tip comes up on the Gadget, just click on it and the Gadget will expand out for you to read that tip or trick.

This Gadget was designed by Donavon West who was also responsible for creating our Windows Vista Countdown Gadget last November. He is also responsible for many other Gadgets which are on Windows Live Gallery. Donavon recently acquired the Windows Live Gallery plaque, is a Silver Partner on Windows Live Gallery, and is a 2008 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (check out his profile). Congrats Donavon and awesome work!