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October 18, 2007

Publish your photos to Flickr with Windows Live Photo Gallery

Today the DMX Team is announcing a beta refresh for Windows Live Photo Gallery that includes the ability to publish your photos directly to Flickr. Based from direct customer feedback, the DMX Team worked with Flickr in enabling support to upload photos to your Flickr account in Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Uploading photos to Flickr through Windows Live Photo Gallery is just as easy as it is uploading to Windows Live Spaces. To upload to Flickr, all I needed to do was choose the photos I wanted to upload and hit “Publish” in the toolbar. A drop-down list will appear that allows me to either choose Windows Live Spaces or Flickr as destinations I want to publish my photos to. I of course for the sake of this post chose Flickr.  A new window appeared letting me enter options for which set I want the photo to belong to, what size I want the photo to be uploaded at, and permissions of that photo.

Windows Live Photo Gallery will notify you once your photo (or photos) have been uploaded and ask if you would like to view those uploaded photos. In choosing to view the uploaded photos, I was able to add a description and change the name of the photo.

I’d like to share one of my most favorite photos I’ve taken to-date which I’ve uploaded to Flickr using Windows Live Photo Gallery:

Mt. Hood from Timothy Lake

This is a photo I took with my Nikon D40 (which is a Certified for Windows Vista device) while camping at Timothy Lake with some friends this last summer. This is a shot of Mt. Hood here in Oregon. You can also take a look at my Windows Vista Coach Tour set. I took a bunch of photos while traveling around the East Coast last year on the Windows Vista Coach.

Program Manager Michael Palermiti has posted on the PIX Blog about today’s Windows Live Photo Gallery release which they are calling the Beta 2.2 Refresh. If you already have a version of Windows Live Photo Gallery installed, you can grab the Beta 2.2 Refresh by running Microsoft Update (the Windows Update client in Windows Vista will detect a new update is available if you have it configured to use Microsoft Update). If you don’t have Windows Live Photo Gallery installed and you want to give it a try, just head over to the Windows Live Betas page and choose Windows Live Photo Gallery.  

You can also check out the Flickr Blog where they talk about partnering up with Microsoft for Windows Live Photo Gallery.

For me, I am going to leverage both Windows Live Spaces and Flickr in publishing my digital photos to the web with Windows Live Photo Gallery. For personal photos such as family events and things I’ve gone and done with friends – I will upload those to Windows Live Spaces. For all my digital photography and traveling to events – I plan to upload to Flickr. Quite a few amateur photographers use Flickr to show off their work. I’d like to do the same. I’d also like to share memories from traveling around as well. You can follow what I upload to Flickr by going to my Flickr page.

Make sure you keep your eye on the Windows Live Wire Blog too for information on Windows Live releases.