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January 9, 2008

Panoramic Shots for CES using Windows Live Photo Gallery

Being able to create panoramtic stitches in Windows Live Photo Gallery is one of my favorite features ever. I deciced while at CES, I really wanted to use the feature to show off a few locations of both CES and Las Vegas. While at CES this week, I essentially lived in Windows Live Photo Gallery uploading photos to Flickr to share with you here. But here are a few panoramic shots I created.

CES at the Las Vegas Convention Center

The above is a shot of me standing at the Microsoft Product Pavilion Tent and facing the Las Vegas Convention Center. This gives you an idea of how busy CES can get (both with people, buses, taxis, etc).

My next shot is from the Microsoft Auto Showroom. They had several cars there demostrating awesome Microsoft Auto technology – such as Ford Sync.

Microsoft Auto Pavilion Panoramic Shot

And the last shot I have is actually the first panoramic shot I created while at CES. Its the view from my hotel room looking out toward the strip. Not really an impressive view but certainly a neat panoramic shot (at least in my opinion) non-the-less.

Las Vegas Panoramic Shot

I’m sitting here at McCarran International Airport and wanted to share these just before jumping on my plane. Expect another post re-capping CES coverage from myself and many others in the next day or so.