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May 18, 2008

New Digital Photography Series Debuts on Channel 10

Channel 10’s Nic Fillingham has gone live with a brand new show on Channel 10 focusing on digital photography and imaging called ShutterSpeed. The idea is simple: make you a better photographer by highlighting techniques to take better photos, help you understand your camera (and camera gear), and showcase ways to edit your photos. As someone who is taking up digital photography as a hobby – I am always on the lookout for any pointers on how to be a better photographer.

In ShutterSpeed’s first episode – Nic is joined by several Microsofties who focus on digital photography in the products they work on as well as being photographers themselves:

Bill Crow headed up work on HD Photo prior to heading over to Microsoft Live Labs and helped drive to get HD Photo submitted to become a industry standard (JPEG XR). HD Photo is natively supported in Windows Vista today as well – including in Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Also in ShutterSpeed Episode 1 – Nic visits the home studio of award winning photographer Phil Borges who is a Microsoft Icon of Imaging. You can view Phil Borges’ Microsoft Icon of Imaging profile here.

Watch ShutterSpeed Episode 1:

ShutterSpeed Episode 01

The idea is that ShutterSpeed will be a regular series of videos on Channel 10. I look forward to it! If you have any suggestions for any future episodes of ShutterSpeed – send them along to [email protected]. I already got one suggestion: pointers on how to take great night shots. For some reason my night shots never turn out.