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June 18, 2008

Bring the Summer to Your Desktop with a New Wallpaper!

I couple days ago I went outside and took some photos with my Nikon D40 (a Certified for Windows Vista camera) as the weather was very nice for taking some shots. I took a really neat close-up shot of a leaf with the sun shining from behind – highlighting the details of the leaf.

I am particularly fond of the shades of blue and green in the photo myself. I’ve been running it as a wallpaper on my own PCs and  thought it would make a great desktop wallpaper for readers here. So I’ve uploaded the wallpaper up to Windows Live SkyDrive in a variety of resolutions for all to download!

For other wallpapers – you can check out my Railroad Wallpaper I took in the Columbia River Gorge (here in the Pacific Northwest) and my Certified for Windows Vista Wallpaper.