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June 24, 2008

Try out the New Windows Live Mobile Homepage Beta

On your mobile phone – check out It is the new Windows Live Mobile Homepage currently in Beta. I took some shots on my BlackJack II to share.


This page is your one-stop place for what’s happening in your Windows Live social network by taking advantage of the What’s New feed in Windows Live Spaces.


The What’s New feed lets you see posts your friends make to their Space, updates to their profile, images uploaded to their Space, files uploaded to Windows Live SkyDrive, and when you friends become friends with other people.

You can also update your Personal Message as well. This is the same Personal Message that exists in Windows Live Messenger. When you change it – it should change in Messenger too. This is nice for letting folks know what you’re up to.

Just head on over to on your mobile phone, sign-in with your Windows Live ID, and try it out for yourself. If you’ve got some feedback – go ahead and leave a comment and I’ll forward it on to the team working on the new Windows Live Mobile Homepage. And remember, this is just the first Beta release. You can expect the Windows Live Mobile Hompage to evolve over time. Also add the Windows Experience Blog as a friend on Windows Live.