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July 23, 2008

New Version of Windows Live for Windows Mobile Available

Today the Windows Live for Windows Mobile Team posted that new bits are now available for everyone to download for their Windows Mobile phones.

Wait no more! The latest bits for Windows Live Client for your Windows Mobile are available for download. To get yours now, point your mobile browser to

If you have Windows Live already installed on your device, you will need to uninstall it first. To do that, go to Settings->Remove Programs, select Windows Live entry from the list (if any) and click Remove. If you don’t find Windows Live on the list, then you are good to go.

With Windows Live client you will be able to:

  • Synchronize Live contacts with your contacts on the device
  • Synchronize your Live email (msn, hotmail, live)
  • View graphics, web links and contact photos in emails
  • Respond to emails with voice recordings
  • Upload photos to your Windows Live Spaces

Go ahead, give it a try and let us know what you think!

As soon as I heard, I installed it quickly on my Samsung Blackjack 2. I simply cannot live without Windows Live for Windows Mobile on my phone. Windows Live for Windows Mobile allows me to sync (and when I say “sync” I really do mean *sync*) my Windows Live Hotmail mailbox to my phone as well as all my Windows Live Contacts. I can read a message on my desktop PC at home using Windows Live Mail and that same exact message I just read syncs to Windows Live Hotmail and then to my phone using Windows Live for Windows Mobile – including the fact it is now marked read as I had read it on my PC. I have the same email experience (emails read or unread, emails filtered into certain folders, etc) across multiple PCs using Windows Live Mail, on my phone with Windows Live for Windows Mobile, and on the web with Windows Live Hotmail.

I previously blogged about Windows Live for Windows Mobile (in a little bit more detail) a few weeks ago when the first set of bits went live.  

ALSO: if you’re interested, try out the Beta of the new Windows Live Mobile Homepage at on your mobile device!  I’ve got this page set up as my Home Page in Internet Explorer on my Blackjack 2.